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Most Mondays Rev Neil blogs on issues that get his soul, cells and creative juices working. It’s a discipline he has valued since blogging from Delhi’s CW Games in 2010.

Neil loves connecting with people and especially enjoys comments and conversations resulting from his blogs. Locally, The Irvine Times print his blogs and photos, while internationally they reach a wider audience and community of world-wide bloggers.

Neil Urquhart

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A wedding couple’s venue, St Dionis Church of England, was cordoned off due to the recent Parsons Green terror attack. But All Saints Church, near Putney Bridge, came to the rescue and hosted the service celebrations instead. As There’s so much more good and blessing we can achieve together Fortunately David & Lauren’s marriage in St Mary's RC Chapel went glitchlessly. Ok, it could've been [...]

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Scottish Summer

11 September 2017|

“Aye Rev, the sun shines on the righteous!” comes the quip as we soak up rationed rays from our meagre Scottish summer. Distortion of Jesus’ words snowballs with the implication thus, that rain must fall [...]


4 September 2017|

What especially riles you? What lights touch paper to your temper. How short our fuse is will be related to how tired and cranky we are at the time, but how spectacular are your fireworks [...]

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28 August 2017|

“Right up to my eyeballs in ‘you’ve got it right’!” Yes, there’ve been a few sanity-sapping & life-threatening crises in my life, when things looked bleak. There’ve been moments (and I know there ‘will be’ [...]

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21 August 2017|

The older I grow the weirder my signature becomes. ‘Neil’ is decipherable from my squiggles but ‘Urquhart’ is more like Arran’s mountain range than a surname. Yet my autograph still carries authority to change things [...]

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Council Kicking?

14 August 2017|

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a photo of all 5 Revs joining in with the ‘Kirking of The Council’ on Sunday. This tradition spans 100’s of years and allows the newly elected council [...]

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7 August 2017|

Fullarton ConneXions as a ‘going concern’, caring community, creative crossroads, social enterprise, growing band of willing volunteers, and crucible for life-celebration, has been a long pregnancy for some of us. No more so than for [...]

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Terminal Trust

24 July 2017|

“So, what happens when we die?” asked a new believer, after the evening service. How to condense and simplify myriad Bible verses about judgement, salvation, eternal life and varying Christian angles on the after-life? I [...]

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Selling Golf

10 July 2017|

As a youngster, almost every waking summer hour was spent golfing, such that my only school prize was for golf. For my first 15 years in Irvine, along with fellow clergy, I enjoyed the special [...]

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Where’s The Love?

19 June 2017|

  In the wake of terror attacks I was warmed by the short video of a young Muslim man in Manchester (Baktash Noori), blindfolded, inviting passers-by to ‘hug him’. Written on a piece of cardboard, [...]

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Dark Clouds

12 June 2017|

Remarkable! Recently, representative leaders from the 7 Irvine churches of Scotland ‘agreed’ a possible way to break a 4 to 5 year deadlock and forge positive ways forward for ministry and mission in Irvine. It [...]


5 June 2017|

He was so loving, loyal, forgiving and faithful a friend! Disappointed with human friendships many describe a canine companion as their ‘best friend’. But we were made for so much more! Noticed, or read, any [...]